Watch for bikes while driving the 15th street bikeway

Drivers should look out for bikes when turning left across the bicycle lanes in both Denver and Boulder Colorado. Protected bicycle lanes are a new installation in both cities. Denver’s protected bicycle lane on the 15th Street Bikeway had vertical protection installed in May of 2014. However, many drivers do not seem to understand that they need to yield to bicycles and pedestrians before turning left on 15th Street from Cleveland to Larimer Blvd. I, personally, know of four separate instances where the cars did not look when turning left into the parking lots along 15th Street in downtown Denver. Based on these crashes, which caused injuries to the bike riders, more public education is needed. The sign in picture above clearly shows, car have to yield to bikes; however, more needs to be done to reduce the car-bike crashes along the Bikeway.

The City of Denver put a lot of work into designating the 15th Street Bikeway with green bike boxes, pavement markings for bicycles, and even a bicycle turn signal.

Like Denver, Boulder put a lot of time and money into protected bike lanes along Folsom St. In July of 2015, the construction of the protected bicycle lanes was underway and the lanes are now open. The article below has generated a lot of discussion, and if drivers safely look out for bikes when making a turn, the cyclists will be safer.