What is the difference under Colorado law between an E-Bike, Scooter and Motorcycle?

By definition per Colorado Revised Statutes, a “Motorized Bicycle” is a vehicle having two or three wheels, a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50cc, and an automatic transmission which produces a maximum design speed of not more than thirty (30) miles per hour on a flat surface. It also has a headlamp on the front, a red reflector or lamp on the rear, a bell or audible warning device, and a permanent and attached seat. To legally operate a motorized bicycle the driver must posses a valid driver’s license and follow all normal traffic laws (CRS 42-4-109). Keep in mind that a motorcycle, a motorized bicycle, and a toy vehicle are quite different by definition and have different laws of operation. Read on to learn more or go to www.dmv.org or www.revenue.state.co.us.

Motorcycles Colorado law defines a motorcycle as a vehicle with two or three wheels and a motor larger than 50cc. A motorcycle must be equipped with the same mandatory equipment as a car or truck; operating headlights, taillights, turn signals and all other equipment required of any motorized vehicle.

Motorized Bicycle/Mopeds/Scooters Motorized bicycles, commonly referred to as scooters or mopeds, vary in power and options. As mentioned above, a motorized bicycle has an engine size up to 50cc and has a maximum speed of 30 mph. They have headlamps and tail lamps, a horn or bell, brakes, an automatic transmission and an attached seat. Motorized bicycles may only be operated on private property and roadways; not on sidewalks. They cannot be legally operated on interstates or on controlled access highways. They are licensed with a visible sticker rather than a license plate, and they do not require vehicle insurance coverage. However, the operator must possess a valid driver’s license. Motorized bicycles must follow the same traffic laws as any other vehicle on the road but they must drive as close to the right hand side of the road as possible. In some areas this will be within the designated peddle bicycle lane

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