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Bicycle Crashes are NOT Accidents (usually a driver is not paying attention)

  • Remember to always ride with phone, ID & this list of what to do after a crash.

    Have an emergency contact number(s) memorized in case your phone doesn’t work post-crash.

  • Call 911 and require a police crash report.

    Yes, they are now called “Traffic Crash Reports.” Do not leave the scene of a crash without notifying the police. If you leave the crash scene without reporting it to the police that is a traffic offense, and you can be cited with a traffic violation. If the police arrive and do not want to write up a crash report, insist that they properly document the crash.

  • Immediately seek medical attention and take an ambulance if given the opportunity.

    In many cases, you are in shock after the crash, disoriented, and might not feel that you need medical attention. It is always a good idea to seek medical attention as soon as you can, especially if you have a concussion or other serious injury. Your health, the health of others, and everyone’s safety is the utmost concern so consider that first and then the steps below.

  • Get the business card of investigating police officer

    Note: it is important to get the case number, phone number and email of the officer so that we can get the full police report . Although we can usually get the case number at a later time, it speeds up the process in getting the crash report, police body camera video, witness statements, 911 recordings, and scene photos when you have the case number or an exchange of information card.

  • Obtain names, phone numbers and contact information

    Try to get all witnesses to text or email you their contact information. Many times, the police do not get the names of all the witnesses.

  • Remember to take photos or videos of the scene, your bike and injuries

    Take photos or videos of the scene, your bike & your injuries, or have a witness do so. Have them text you or email them to you as soon as they can after the crash.

  • Collect full insurance information from the careless driver

    Take a picture of the driver’s auto insurance and driver’s license if you can. Do NOT negotiate with the driver at the scene of the crash. Many times, drivers have offered past clients money or a new bike so that they would not contact the police or call 911.

  • Leave your bike, helmet and gear in their post-crash state

    Do not throw away any items from the crash even if they are broken or blood-stained. This is evidence of the crash and take photos of your property and injuries when you have time.

  • Do NOT post about the crash on social media.

    If you must, please only share facts not anything about your injuries or how you are feeling. Insurance companies search social media feeds and will try and use information against an injured people who might be trying not to make others worry or not yet sure of the extent of injuries.

  • Contact Bike Law Colorado by phone 303-741-0249

    Call Bike Law Colorado by phone or use the contact box on this website before talking to insurance companies. We will help guide you through the next steps for your case. Insurance companies will want to take your recorded statement before you may be ready. We advise against giving recorded statements without getting legal advice first.

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Brian Weiss is a skilled personal injury lawyer with more than 20 years of legal experience in representing all types of accident victims and is an expert at Denver bicycle laws. He has been a lawyer since 1994 and has represented over one hundred bicycle riders who have been injured in crashes in Colorado. Brian is also an experienced cyclist and advocates for the Colorado cycling community. As a cyclist, he understands the unique aspects of a bike crash case that can make these types of cases more difficult than any other type of personal injury accident claim. An attorney who is not familiar with cycling, and the unique dangers cyclists face when riding on the roads of Colorado, can easily overlook crucial case details that can have a negative impact on the value of your case.

Brian handles all aspects of the crash so that his clients can focus on getting better and hopefully back to what they want to do, like riding a bike. In fact, he has done this so well that over the last 10 years he has collected over $12 million on behalf of his clients. In addition to bicycle accidents, Brian is also motorcycle accident attorney.

We have published “The Rules of the Road for Colorado Cyclists”, widely available in bike shops throughout the Colorado Metro area, to educate riders on their rights and responsibilities on Colorado roads. Contact Bike Law Colorado - Weiss Law LLC today.


“Brian is an amazing lawyer and human being. After getting car doored on my bike and suffering injuries and surgeries, I sought out Brian for his legal services. He was professional, communicative, kind, and supportive throughout the whole ordeal—and a calming presence. We achieved our desired settlement. Throughout the entire process — Brian was easy to talk to, informative, and an all around great person. I highly recommend him.” 

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