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I was involved in a hit and run accident while commuting to work on my bike. I always ride with video camera after being witness to another bike vs. vehicle accident. Video of my accident was crystal clear and there was never a question of fault. I hired a well known, highly advertised law firm for the civil case but my greater concern was lack of punishment for the driver. I began my own research for Colorado bicycle laws and called Brian (not knowing he was a lawyer) for advice on what charges should be filed against the driver. He proved to be very knowledgeable and provided me with statutes and laws that were passed in our state to keep cyclists safe on the road. After hearing his passion for a sport I loved so much, I knew he was the right person to fight for me. Not only did he go to work on my civil case but also followed the court case against the driver. Brian and his team has made this difficult process so much easier to navigate. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone involved in bike vs. vehicle accident.

After my bike accident with a car, I had no idea what to do afterwards. Luckily, I found Bike Law Colorado online. Brian immediately set me up with physical therapy and chiropractic which allowed me to heal faster. I was able to focus on feeling better, while Brian and his excellent team handled everything else. They were always available to chat and kept me up to date on the settlement process. Thanks Brian and team!

I was very timid about contacting a lawyer about my Car vs Bicycle crash in a cross walk resulting in a broken foot and plates being put in. Unfortunately the driver did not have insurance. When I contacted Brian about my case he was very open and honest and answered all my questions. Brian did an amazing job walking me through the steps and reassured me that my job was to heal and his job was to handle the case. After a few months Brian got us 105 thousand dollars from insurance and the driver. I wouldn’t have gotten anything close to that with out him. I am very happy that I contacted him and highly recommend contacting him about your bike crash. Brian works hard on every case as he knows what victims are going through. Brian is extremely professional and wants to do what’s right for the victim. Contacting a Lawyer is never fun but Brian makes the whole process easy and simple. Thank you Brain for working so hard on my case. Happy trails.

When I compare Brian Weiss Law Firm to the first attorney I consulted after my injury, I now know how important having experienced bicycling advocates / regular bicycle commuters involved in settling issues related to motorist v. bicyclist crashes.

Mellissa, his hand-picked paralegal recruited from among his former clients, knows bikes, has experienced injuries while cycling and has had someone close to her severely injured in a hit and run incident. Empathy matters.

Even though it was not part of our original agreement and done totally pro bono, Brian researched my traffic ticket and accompanied me to court to explain to the city attorney just how completely wrong the Denver police were to cite me for using the multi-use / bike path.

By having the charges against me dismissed, we were able to demonstrate that the pickup driver was one-hundred percent at fault. This made all the difference in negotiating a settlement with the driver's insurance company -- something I would not even remotely have been able to do nearly as successfully on my own.

Brian and his team were absolutely amazing! I felt incredibly cared for and taken care of every step of the way. I always felt heard and received their full attention. I learned a lot and am so grateful that Brian was always willing to take all the time needed to fully explain things to me through this legal process that was often complicated and challenging and foreign to me. Thank you Brian and Cathie for your caring and professional work, your tireless efforts really paid off. I highly recommend Weiss Law, without hesitation I would work with them again.

Brian has the creative mind required to achieve highest payout in a Colorado case because he comes up with alternate legal theories on behalf of his clients. He is also a lawyer of kindness, compassion and integrity. Run your case by him before going with another firm. You will be glad you did.

Brian and his team did a wonderful job helping navigate through a claim when I was hit by a car on my bike. He was super responsive and walked me through the whole process, ultimately getting me a great settlement with the driver's insurance agency. If I'm ever hit by a car again (god forbid), I won't hesitate to call him immediately. Thanks Brian!

Brian and Melissa were incredible in this process. They helped me after being hit and run by a car while I was riding my bike. The supported me the whole time, had almost all the answers I needed and made sure I got compensated. The insurance company made me out to be a liar from the start even though I had the injuries and the hospital records to back it up. They fought back and forth after they tried to short change me. While I feel more money was deserved for pain and suffering, they easily secured me 3x what insurance would have settled with me without Weiss Law.

Brian was amazing! I hired him after my son was hit by a car and was told he was at fault. Brian willingly took on the case even though we lived far from him. He was responsive and professional. He helped us prove who was truly at fault, and by his hard work we were awarded the full entitled settlement. He is a great lawyer who works hard for his clients!

Mr. Weiss and Mellissa were very helpful and informative regarding my options after my bicycle accident. Mr. Weiss took my case and fought hard on my behalf, even when the party at fault had a strong argument when trying to absolve themselves. Mr. Weiss, made time for several calls with me throughout the months that my case was active. Even after my case was settled, Mr. Weiss went above and beyond to try to help negotiate my hospital bills. I enjoyed working with this hard working and trustworthy team. If you've ever been in a bicycle accident just call Weiss Law!

I was seriously injured by a distracted driver while riding my bike. Brian was recommended to me by another attorney for my bike accident. I contacted Brian and met with him to discuss my options and was immediately impressed with his knowledge of bicycle law in Colorado. He quickly settled my case with the driver's insurance company, my car insurance company, and my car insurance. Because of Brian's work, I received a much larger settlement than I expected. I was able to focus on recovering from my injuries because I knew Brian would take care of the legal aspects of my case. I can't recommend him enough.

Thus far Brian and Mellissa have been amazing! Hands down the best I could have to help me with my case after being hit while riding my bike to work. I originally had Megan Hottman and Rich Kaudy until Meg got hit herself and could no longer work on my case. I'm quite glad to have switched to Brian Weiss. Why? For starters he was upfront with me, transparent with me (something my other attorneys were not), and gave me great recommendations on how to proceed. How to get the care I needed physically and financially. And he was fast. I got help with in days both for my injuries and for my financial struggle. I was a little hesitant to write a review now as my case isn't settled yet but then decided why not, I can always update the review once the case is settled. My only complaint is that he does not show up right away on a google search for an attorney after being hit by a bike. As I would love it is more folks could find him. I can highly recommend him!

Unbelievably, I was left hooked twice in one year by drivers while bike commuting to work. Fortunately, I started working with Brian immediately after the first crash, and he gave me excellent guidance throughout the process. He encouraged me to properly take care of my injuries rather than just live with the pain. Most importantly, he had the knowledge to collect necessary medical files, the confidence to hound the police department for missing documentation, and the expertise to negotiatite with the auto insurance companies to arrive at excellent settlements while minimizing the stress to me.

Without his guidance, I would never have asked or fought for what I deserved, and I would have wasted countless hours and valuable energy taking care of minutia that Brian and his office skillfully tended to.

Additionally, Brian has volunteered his time to give talks on bike safety for my local bike club and broader community, serving the greater cycling community beyond individual cases.

I was injured on my bike by a left turning car. The driver was issued a careless driving ticket with bodily injury. Unfortunately, I spoke with the driver's insurance adjuster on my own. She was rude, mean, and tried to blame me. I did a search and called Brian Weiss who spoke with me right away. I live on the western slope but Brian was willing to take my case. Brian is an exceptional attorney who goes way above and beyond ordinary representation. He is knowledgeable and compassionate. Brian was able to get me a fair settlement in a case complicated by the involvement of Medicare. I feel very lucky that Brian was on my side and recommend him to other cyclists who need help dealing with an unfair system. My advice is, don't talk to the insurance company before you talk to Brian Weiss.

After my crash I was floundering trying to wrangle unresponsive police, uncooperative insurance, and other lawyers who either didn't believe me or who told me there wasn't any hope of getting any compensation for my injuries. A neighbor put me in contact with Bike Law and Brian was immediately confident that we would be able to turn things around. He was responsive, invested, and ultimately able to help me overcome the challenges with the police and the insurance companies. I was enormously relieved to find someone who believed me and was willing to help. I cannot recommend him enough.

Brian is an amazing lawyer and human being. After getting car doored on my bike and suffering injuries and surgeries, I sought out Brian for his legal services. He was professional, communicative, kind, and supportive throughout the whole ordeal—and a calming presence. We achieved our desired settlement. Throughout the entire process — Brian was easy to talk to, informative, and an all around great person. I highly recommend him.

Brian and Mellissa were knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with, despite us being in different cities. They kept me up to date on the progress of my bicycle accident case and worked hard to make sure the end result was fair and exceeded my expectations. They are passionate about the work they do and they are a very valuable asset to the Colorado cycling community!

Attorney Brian Weiss and his staff were incredibly helpful after I was hit by a car riding my bicycle. He met with me the same day I called, immediately contacted the driver's insurance company and encouraged the surgeons to repair my broken leg as soon as possible. Brian quickly proved the driver was at fault and helped me get the maximum settlement for my injuries. I recommend him to anyone who's been involved in an accident and needs professional advice from an attorney.

I was in a bike accident in Fort Collins. I was stationary in a turn lane and was hit by car. Most of the ligaments in my knee were torn so I needed surgery.

I had reservations about accident attorneys but was advised to look into it because of the difficulties in dealing with multiple insurance companies. All my fears were quickly allayed by Brian. He did a fantastic job representing me and made the legal process so easy; I could just focus on healing. He was fantastic to deal with and my wife and I always felt like he cared about us, not just our settlement. Needless to say, our settlement was favorable and Brian insured we received the full limit to which we were entitled.

Brian continues to follow up with me despite conclusion of legal representation. Based off of my experience, I couldn't recommend Brian more.

I crashed on my bike due to an unleashed dog and suffered head/hip injuries. I contacted Brian and he talked me through the legal process in a very kind and understanding manner. He and his team worked with me to obtain a very fair settlement which greatly assisted my recovery. For this I am grateful.

Brian was absolutely fantastic. Juggling the chaos that comes with an accident was overwhelming to say the least. Calling Brian was the best choice I could have made. He immediately referred me to a medical provider so that I could be seen that day. The medical provider was also fantastic - so trust Brian on his referrals!! His paralegal, Cathie, is SUCH a sweetheart. I always thoroughly enjoyed interacting with her. At the end of it all, I was awarded much more than I was expecting. Despite the aggravation of an accident overall, Brian made my whole experience smooth and stress free! Thank you!!! If you want an attorney thats in your court - call Brian!!!

My grandson was seriously injured by a negligent driver while riding his bike, I did a google search of bicycle attorneys in the front range, read reviews and decided to call Brian Weiss, I'm so glad I did !
Brian met with us at the hospital and we decided to retain him as our legal counsel. He has gone above and beyond all of our expectations, not only getting full value of the insurance policies involved, but also taking a personal interest in my grandsons full recovery and future financial needs.
We will be sure to call Brian if the need ever arises in our family again.

Brian and Mellissa went above and beyond to help me after an incident. They both were extremely sympathetic, communicative, and helpful beyond expectation. I genuinely believe they were doing everything they could to help me out! I didn't know that lawering up could be so positive and stress free. I absolutely recommend Weiss Law!

Brian Weiss and the staff (especially Caryl) of Crawford Weiss, LLC could not have been more helpful and professional with my case. I was riding a bike on a one way going in the right direction when a car came up very quickly and struck me from behind, I went up and over the persons SUV and ended up with substantial injuries all over my body. The person who struck me got out of their vehicle and stated they looked down for a few seconds and did not see me, they also agreed to contact their insurance company and take full responsibility. However, her insurance company decided to put me at fault which I knew was not correct. At the time I only had car insurance and did not have health insurance so very concerned about my situation. I sent an email to Crawford Weiss LLC stating my situation and they got back to me that day asking me to come in and have a free consultation with them. I met with Brian and he immediately showed concern for me and my situation and knew that the insurance company was in the wrong and that I should not be responsible for my bills nor my pain and suffering. Brian Weiss was able to not only get the insurance company to realize that their person under their coverage who struck me was in the wrong but that they had put me through a lot of suffering that I should not have had to go through as well. Brian went through full lengths to get all the information he could from both parties to ensure we had all the correct information to ensure we had a solid case. In the end Mr. Weiss was able to get the full amount of coverage from the parties at fault insurance at $25,000 as well as the full coverage from my car insurance for my pain and suffering at $25,000 (which was not expected at the least). Thus in the end I came out with $50,000 which was more than enough to help cover all my medical bills along with my pain and suffering. I highly, highly, highly recommend Crawford Weiss, LLC!

I was injured while I was biking by a driver who didn't look before turning right on red. Since the driver was cited and gave me their insurance information, I thought it would be an easy thing to handle on my own. However, it slowly became clear that my ankle injury required significantly more treatment than originally expected, including two surgeries and more than a year of recovery time. By the time I talked to Brian Weiss, I'd had to pay for the first surgery completely out-of-pocket because my health insurance company wouldn't pay and wouldn't talk to me. Brian was able to get my health insurance to reimburse with me, and he handled all communication with the three car insurance companies that ended up involved. Not to mention, he handled gathering all of my medical bills from the seven or eight different medical providers that I worked with.

Throughout the whole process, Brian was flexible, caring, and nearly instantly responsive to emails or phone calls. He was also willing to explain insurance and legal terms as many times as I needed to understand them. The final settlement was very fair, and was reached without any stress for me. My only regret is that I didn't talk to him as soon as the accident occurred - it would have saved me a lot of stress and anxiety!

I was run over on my bike by a careless driver in Fort Collins, and the best decision I made was having Brian Weiss handling my Case. Awesome personality with great ethics and experience, especially with bicycle specific issues. I highly suggest to include Brian in your search to represent your case, I can't thank him enough for doing mine.

Brian did an excellent job in my work comp car accident case. Not only did he get me all the medical care I needed, but made it very easy for me since it was a very complicated process. I had injured my shoulder and tore my labrum when a driver rear ended me at a dead stop, at a red light. It required surgery and months of rehab. He made sure I got everything I needed and was immediate in any response I needed. Brian is very CLIENT DRIVEN and CLIENT FOCUSED and puts that above all else. Brian took care of the workers comp part for me, as well as a third party settlement against the driver who hit me. He got me everything I wanted in the case for both parties. He even got my parents compensated for airline tickets and rental cars when they had to fly out to help me with shoulder surgery in Denver. I would recommend Brian Weiss, as well as Crawford Weiss, LLC to represent you in any personal injury or accident case in Colorado.

After I got hit on my bike I took it into the local bike shop (z cycle) I went through for maintenance and repair. They referred me to Weiss Law, hesitant of attorneys I was glad I got a referral from people I trust.

Brian and Melissa worked with me on my case and were very responsive. I never felt a hesitation on asking questions. I always felt confident in their transparency.

I didn’t have to wait the typical “24 hour return” call or email. Weiss law would get to me by the end of the day, I’m so thankful for that.

I trust that the settlements I got from the insurance companies were the best I could get. They took the hassle out of haggling with insurance companies, medical billing, the opposing attorneys/lawyers so I could get back to what’s important in my life.

Brian was always prompt with requests, represented me with empathy and demonstrated himself to be a true professional. With Brian representing me I was able to secure the maximum settlement from both the driver's insurance company and my insurance company. I recommend him to any friend I know that needs legal representation.

I am very grateful to have been recommended Bike Law Colorado after being hit by a car while on my bicycle. Brian and Mellissa made me feel well taken care of as they guided me through the entire process. They were able to get the full amount allowed by the driver’s insurance and made sure I received the physical therapy I needed. I would highly recommend them if you have been in an accident while on your bike.

Brian made the entire process so much less intimidating than it initially seemed. I immediately felt a sense of confidence when working with him as he's clearly someone who has been doing this for a long time, he got me a very good outcome and I'm glad to have made this connection with someone from the Denver cycling community.

About 6 months ago I was a victim of a rather terrible car crash which crippled me both financially and physically. I had no idea how I was going to bounce back considering 99% of my income was made through my car as an Uber driver. I reached out to Brian Weiss and his partner Claire who became like a beacon in the darkness for me. They let me know what my rights were what my options were and recommended courses of action as how to move forward. It took some doing but I saw quick results as Mr Weiss is a professional when it comes to working with Insurance's to get you the maximum amount owed to you in damages.
I cannot recommend their services enough! If you are even considering some sort of legal accident in a nasty car crash, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask Mr Weiss!
5 Stars all around!

I was a victim of hit & run accident and was referred by a friend to Crawford Weiss law firm. Brian, I can’t thank you enough. You’re an outstanding attorney. You always consummate professionals, compassion and patience! You always called back and responded to emails very quickly. You’re knowledgeable. Your guidance certainly eased the stress of handling this matter myself. Once again I appreciate your time and work to bring this case to a close. I’m so happy with the outcomes. I wish you the best with your firm and the cases you take on Brian. Next time someone asks me if I know any accident attorney, you bet I do. I highly recommend Brian!

Brian and Cathie were great. They were genuine and professional and kind. They worked effectively and quickly, and I very much appreciate the care they put into my case.

Brian was a great. He was representing me in my car accident case. he helped me settle for $200,000, when I only had $25,000 in coverage. Brian was a great help through out this whole hard process, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanx Arnulfo Calderon

Following an automobile accident, Brian Weiss and his team did a great job for us. He completed everything in a timely professional manner with wonderful communication all along the way. Many thanks Brian !

I was hit by by a car in 2018 while riding my bike, and insurance wanted to blame me at fault. I called Brian and he helped me get the help I needed when I didn't know where to go. He help me get money back so I could get a new bike and money for injuries. I highly recommend Brian for any of your bike law needs!!

Brian was a wonderful representative for me during the process of my claims and court dates. He was very honest, straightforward, and communicative about the goings on of my case. I would highly recommend him to any bicyclist who finds themselves in a tight spot. Thank you so much Brian!

Brian helped me through a settlement after being hit by a car while riding my bike. He patiently helped me through the legal issues related to hospitals and insurance companies. He also diligently extracted hard-to-get information from the at-fault party, which significantly improved the terms of the settlement.

I highly recommend Brian to anyone needing legal help after an accident.

The attorneys and staff at this firm helped me with a long and difficult case. They were a constant source of support and intelligent reflection and action. I would not have known what to do or how best to approach any of the problems that needed to be dealt with without their guidance and support. I found them to be expert in their ability to make rational decisions and to take meaningful action. When I was least able to make good decisions they were able to make kindly and helpful suggestions and to take the effort and worry out of my hands. I would recommend them most highly to anyone needing legal counsel. And hey, they like bikes!!

I called Brian after I got hit by a car on my bicycle. I feel that he genuinely cared about my well being throughout the entire case. Brian is experienced and has some wonderful connections in the Denver area. He recommended some of the best health experts to ensure I reached full recovery. It's very clear that Brian knows exactly what he is talking about so I found it very easy to trust him with the process and when I did find myself with a question, Brian was always prompt with his responses. I never felt even remotely stressed or worried. He fought the case to the very end making sure I got what I deserved. Thanks for being so great Brian!

We had originally retained a different attorney to represent our case, but they quickly ran up excessive bills with no results. We then switched over to Brian and within a short time he was able to reach satisfactory settlements with multiple insurance companies. Brian truly cared about what was best for us and this showed through his attention to our case and support during the entire process. We really felt like he listened to us.

Brian and his team were introduced to me by another client. After a few meetings we knew we were dealing with a team of professionals and could not have felt more at ease as we were well taken care of during our settlement process. Injury, especially bike injury is quite scary and the medical and insurance process is quite hard to navigate on your own. Brian went to work swiftly and was able to get all the information needed to take over and allow me to do the job of healing while he worked with the doctors and insurance agents. I had such relief when I knew my case was well organized and settled after about a year after injury.

The settlement was much higher than I initially thought, this was another huge relief to our family as I was unable to work for parts of recovery and this allowed for financial security to help navigate the remainder of my healing process.

Do yourself a favor always wear a helmet, and if you ever need a bike injury specialist this is THE best resource in Denver.

I was hit by a car while riding my bike home from work. Brian and his team work hard on my behalf to make sure my medical bills were paid for and that I received a fair settlement. This was my first time going through something like this but having Brian in my corner gave me the confidence to know that the big insurance companies wouldn't be taking advantage of my inexperience.

Brian was referred by a friend the day I was hit by a car on my bike. From day one, Brian proved that he has expert legal knowledge and that is a caring and trustworthy person that I could rely heavily on throughout this past year. I often felt worried, overwhelmed, confused and fearful and am extremely grateful that Brian was always willing to provide explanations and guidance related to healthcare, law and the physical, emotional and mental recovery process. With his unwavering support, I have been able to get back on the bike and pursue my goals.

Brian helped me when I needed it the most. I called him the day after my accident, and within 24 hours he helped get me settled on my way to a fair and life changing claim. He was there with me the whole way, answered my questions, was professional. Most importantly, and at a difficult time in my life, helped get me settled through it. I am very grateful for his help. If you want a good accident attorney, who will represent you well, call Brian Weiss.

I was in a bike accident a year ago and got a fracture in my wrist leaving me no choice but to stay home for a month with no income. I tried contacting the person that hit me but didn't get any response and after searching for a while I found Brian. I contacted him and received a response very quickly, he was super nice and explained in detail how everything would work if I decided to work with him. A year passed and he was on top of the entire process, contacted me when needed and kept up with updates. I really recommend him! I would say the process took a while but it was definitely worth the wait and I didn't have to stress out since I go to college full-time and work several jobs.

Brian Weiss applied his extensive knowledge, expertise, and compassion to resolve my daughter's case. She was hit head-on in a car collision, the other driver's fault, totaling her Prius, and seriously injuring her. He kept us regularly updated, and was thorough, meticulous, and methodical with the application of the law. We highly recommend him.

Brian and Mellissa did an amazing job representing me after an accident, both of them a joy to work with! Professional, always responsive, always willing to go the extra mile! I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for legal help and/or representation.

After my husband was seriously injured in a bike crash due to a carbon fork failure, Brian showed compassion and true professionalism walking us through every step in the process. He reached out on a regular basis to give us updates and find out how my husband's recovery was going.

He did a phenomenal job acting as lead counsel, pulling together a team of lawyers and experts in product liability and bike law to bring a formidable case against a giant in the bicycle industry.

He’s truly one of the good guys fighting for what he believes is right. I highly recommend him.

I am very grateful my friend referred me to Brian Weiss. I had called a few attorneys but they all seemed pretentious. However, I knew Brian Weiss is a genuine compassionate person after the initial consultation. We spent time discussing my motor vehicle accident case in which I was a victim of a hit-and-run. More importantly, Brian Weiss focused on how to get me the correct expertise medical treatments for my physical pain/bodily injuries due to the motor vehicle accident. As an ICU nurse, I take amazing care of my patients. I can say with positive enthusiasm that Brian Weiss will do the same for all his clients. He continually, on at least a weekly basis, calls me for updates and more so to ask about my well being for the whole year. He followed up after the case was settled which incidentally was so much more monetary than I could imagine. If you are reading this, then I urge you to call and have a personal visit with Brian Weiss. I highly recommend this wonderful person and attorney.

I was hit by a car last year. I was struggling to figure out how to get ahead and I happened to find Bike Law Colorado... It was the best decision I have ever made working with them. They are very professional and above all kind. It's very hard to get better physically after a car crash on top of figuring everything out with doctors and the insurance companies. Brian made that possible. Thank you Bike Law Colorado, I dont know what I would have done without you. Five stars!!!

Brian and his staff are fantastic! He listened to my bicycle accident account and quickly settled my case for my back injury.

I was rear-ended at a red light by a distracted driver. Brian made this process so much easier to deal with. Thank you for everything and it was such a peace of mind knowing the driver's insurance wasn't going to cheat me because I knew you had my back.

They have been representing me in my lawsuit against State Farm, so far very happy. Not with the judicial system or State Farm. Brian and Jason have worked very hard on my case. I feel they are great lawyers. I was rear ended over 4.6 years ago and my insurance agent said get a lawyer, we are not going to pay. Brian took the case on, and has worked very hard at it. Just waiting for the appeal to be finished so hopefully we can get on with our lives and pay off the medical debt incurred by this accident.

After getting hit by a car while on a bike, I reached out to Brian for help dealing with the insurance companies and claims process. Not only did he take care of all the paperwork and dealt with the companies for me, I also received a much larger settlement than I expected. Thanks Brian!

"I was seriously injured in a bike accident and the city was at fault. Brian Weiss and his team did a fantastic job getting us to settlement and resolution. It turned out to be a long process but Brian continually followed up, not only with the city but with my auto insurance. Pursuing the latter got us financial help very quickly that I never even would have known I could claim. I would recommend Brian to bicyclists in any kind of accident in Denver."

I have known Brian Weiss for years and have always found him to be a fair steward of the law and an active proponent of bicyclist safety. Bike Law Colorado gets great settlements and big verdicts.

Brian is an excellent attorney and represented us well in an ongoing case. He is compassionate and did everything he could to get us the best possible outcome.

Great lawyer!! Very friendly and worked hard to get me my settlement quickly and a good one at that. Highly recommended for anything bike related.

Excellent attorney and actually cares about his clients! Brian is a great person to know and trust - same with his staff!!!

I was injured in a bicycle accident and had Brian Weiss represent me. The case resolved and I am pleased by the results.

The only attorney my Bicycle Shop and I recommend!

Brian is exactly who you want as your lawyer after a bicycle accident in Denver.

5 Stars