Do I Need an Attorney for a Motorcycle Accident?

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Denver

motorcycle crash attorneyDon't let insurance companies persuade you to accept a small settlement offer after a serious motorcycle accident, especially where injuries have occurred. Insurance companies have been known to pressure people into accepting less than their case is actually worth.

Deciding on whether or not you'll hire a motorcycle accident attorney for your accident claim is an important decision that may have lasting financial consequences.

Every once in a while a person might decide to try handling things on their own because they've assumed they won't need a personal injury attorney's help with an insurance claim. Although it's true that a person can deal with insurance companies on their own, there's a much greater chance of receiving maximum compensation for a case that's being dealt with by an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

In attempting to deal with a motorcycle accident on your own (without an attorney), you may run into barriers such as:

Claim Denials: Not every insurance claim is going to pay out. In fact, insurance companies often seek out reasons why they shouldn't pay.

Doubt Regarding Cause of Your Injuries: In some cases the insurance company might argue that your motorcycle accident didn't cause your injuries. They might make claims that your injuries occurred before the accident in some other incident.

Getting You to Say It Was Your Fault: As mentioned earlier, these companies often try to find reasons why they shouldn't pay. In some cases while speaking with the victim of an accident they might try to get you to admit in some fashion that the accident was your fault so that your claim can be denied.

Lowball Settlement Offers: You may get an offer from the insurance company that would be much less than what you might receive while having an attorney represent you. The offer is typically an attractive, but low settlement. This strategy is typically avoided by insurance companies when they're dealing with an attorney.

There are many ways insurance companies might try to minimize payouts. Having a competent personal injury attorney on your side could significantly impact your situation.

Contact an experienced Denver motorcycle accident attorney with a record for winning personal injury cases. Attorney Brian Weiss has been a lawyer since 1994 and has the experience and knowledge to properly evaluate your case. After calculating an estimated value of the case, he'll be able to go into negotiations on your behalf with this number in mind. If the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable offer, we can take your claim to court.

Ways Our Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

Denver Attorney Brian WeissAfter experiencing an accident involving injuries, it's not uncommon that concerns begin to rise as a person begins to experience lost income and increased medical expenses. When you meet with the attorney, he'll want to go over various expenses and losses related to your injury. For example:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional damages
  • Permanent physical damages
  • Property damage

This information, along with information regarding the severity of your injuries, will assist in evaluating your case and set us up for negotiations with the insurance company. The goal is always maximum compensation. 

Having a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer on your side sends a signal to the insurance company that you're serious about your claim. If you choose not to take on an attorney, the insurance company may assume that you'll never take the case to trial and end up accepting a low settlement offer.

Contact Denver motorcycle accident attorney, Brian Weiss, today for your free consultation.