Helmet or No Helmet?

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Bicycle Helmet

When riding bicycles and motorcycles in Colorado, there is not a law that requires helmets for those age 18 and over. However, we do recommend helmets be worn at all times because you are never expecting that a crash will happen.

This morning I saw a young boy riding his bicycle. He was wearing a helmet but did not have it buckled under his chin. I casually rolled down my window and reminded him that it was more effective if buckled. He embarrassedly and quickly buckled the helmet under his chin. Parents tell their kids every day to “put on your helmet!”  They share with their children the comparison of their heads hitting the street being like a watermelon being dropped onto a sidewalk. So adults and children alike should know the seriousness of wearing a helmet, right?

Studies show that head injuries account for more than 60 percent of bicycle-related deaths. And between 45 to 88 percent of brain injuries could be prevented if cyclists would wear a helmet. And why not wear a helmet? Helmets are cheap and can be purchased at all major national retailers for less than $20, and a small price to pay to keep your noodle intact.

Studies prove that riding a bike without wearing a helmet is a risky proposition. We all know that helmets can reduce injury and prevent death while riding a bicycle, but so many people don’t bother to take the time to strap one on before venturing out.

Eye protection, like sunglasses or any lenses made of safety glass or plastic, is also recommended as dirt, bugs, and more may fly into your eyes while riding bicycles or motorcycles. Be advised that there is even a law in Colorado that requires eye protection but there is no helmet law for those 18 and over.