How to legally roll through a stop sign safely in Colorado

Bicyclist Stopped at Signal

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice and bicyclists should become familiar with local laws where they ride as laws regarding the “Safety Stop” and other bike laws vary throughout Colorado. The Colorado legislature passed a “Safety Stop” law in 2018 where bicyclists are no longer required to come to a complete stop at stop signs.…

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Bicycle Lanes and the Debate Over Why We Should Have Them

Bicycle Lanes on Road

Most road users in Colorado have likely noticed clearly marked bicycle lanes on the sides of streets and the shared bicycle lanes. Both are marked with a bicycle symbol, green box, arrow, or signage as shown in the attached pictures. Studies have shown that marked bicycle lanes not only make cyclists feel safer, they actually are safer. However,…

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Helmet or No Helmet?

Bicycle Helmet

When riding bicycles and motorcycles in Colorado, there is not a law that requires helmets for those age 18 and over. However, we do recommend helmets be worn at all times because you are never expecting that a crash will happen. This morning I saw a young boy riding his bicycle. He was wearing a helmet but did not…

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